Thursday, October 08, 2009

Shana Barehand to present in DC


Go to this website and listen to our Treasurer Shana Barehand present the issue of the murals at the Ariel Rios Building (EPA HQ) in Washington, DC, and make the case for their removal. LWFriday, September 25, 2009 - Censorship...: Who Should Say What Art Is?: (listen) If art is the freedom of expression then how can censorship even be an issue? When it comes to Native imagery or Natives creating images, the word censorship is no stranger. There are numerous images, sculptures and murals connected to or depicting the world of the Native American that have caused a stir for one reason or another. So when the heavy hand of censorship pounds down on the work of a Native artist, just what is the reality behind the word "no." And when it comes to images that depict Natives in the savage form by non-Natives and a motion for its removal is brought forward by Natives, just how does this play into censorship? Guests are Native artist Bob Haozous from the Ft. Sill Apache Tribe and Treasurer for the Society of American Indian Government Employees, Shana Barehand. (Bob Haozous is the son of the late very well respected artist, Alan Houser.)

Go to: down toward the bottom of the page and you will find the link to listen to the program for Sept. 25. It took them awhile to get this up on the website for listening. It will open and play with your default media player.For the history of SAIGE's involvement with this issue you can go to our website at: http://%20http// More

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