Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Research Tool for Indian Law Judges, Lawyers & Students

Need to know where to find an Arizona tribal code or tribal court opinion? Want a quick legislative history of a major federal Indian law? Looking for an authoritative list of websites that will keep you up to date on Indian legal issues? Then the ASU Law Library’s Indian Law Portal is the tool for you!

By providing links to comprehensive, authoritative, free materials the portal is a community resource that can be used by anyone doing Indian legal research. ASU subscription materials are available for use in the library.

The portal links to electronic and print resources and brings together in one place many legal and interdisciplinary resources that the University purchases for its students and faculty, including databases, indexes, full text electronic journals, authoritative websites, and print resources. Unique resources created specifically for American Indian law researchers, include a chart on Arizona Tribal Law Sources, legislative histories for selected federal Indian laws, and an historical timeline that links to primary legal documents.

If you need assistance in using the portal, check out our guide on How to Use the Indian Law Portal (it is also available as a presentation) or Ask a Librarian for further assistance.

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